Natalie Mazzoni - The Blended Life Project

Blended Life Project - 2 Day Island Retreat

25TH - 27TH MARCH 2022

Running a blended family has its own, unique set of challenges. Challenges that are rarely understood by anyone not in a simi- lar situation. You may feel jealousy, despair, frustration, helplessness, and be at a loss as to how to improve your situation. It feels like there’s no light at the end of the tunnel, and that this is now your life’s burden that you’re required to just grin and bear.

I’m here to tell you that there is hope.



Blended Life Project Island Retreat
Blended Life Project Island Retreat

Price includes:

  • Accommodation
  • All meals - vibrant food, local seafood, herbal teas and tropical Gluten, grain and dairy-free options available.
  • All teachings and exercises
  • Retreat journal
  • Blended Life oracle deck
  • Customised aromatherapy products
  • Sunrise yoga sessions
  • Sound healing session
  • Opening and closing ceremony

By the end, you can expect to feel:

  • Peace with your family dynamic
  • Clarity on your own personal responsibilities
  • Safer in your marriage
  • Confident in your parenting
  • More empathetic, compassionate, and understanding towards your situation

And much more.

For more information or to book, please contact Nat at


Blended Life Project Island Retreat

The 2 day island retreat on North Stradbroke Island (Minjerribah) may be just what you need.

You will come together with other women to connect, heal, transform and co-create. Your body, mind and spirit will be re- energised, and you can reset and rejuvenate by the beautiful salty oceans and the moon.

With her 10 years of experience, Natalie (read about Nat here) will gently guide you through:

  • Self awareness
  • Personal responsibility
  • Seeking externally what you need for yourself, internally
  • Numerology
  • Life paths
  • Challenges
  • Generational trauma
  • Parenting patterns
  • Emotional trauma
  • Unpacking the trauma
  • Karma
  • Past life connections
  • Inner child
  • Emotional trauma and the metaphysical body
  • Radical self care
  • Boundary setting
Blended Life Project Island Retreat
Blended Life Project Island Retreat
Kind Words

When I met Natalie, I was searching for clarity in my life. Through Natalie’s Past Life Reading I was able to become more aware of why things were happening and where this stemmed from. The reading resonated with me on many levels, and even as time has gone on I continue to refer back to her reading and so much makes perfect sense, and things have even changed for me.

CLB, Ohio

When I came across Natalie I was searching for much needed clarity in my life. Since my Past Life Reading I have been able to recognise and realise my own gifts and intuitions within myself, and learned to listen to them and put this into action. At the time of the reading I was deliberating over a very important decision in my life, almost like a sliding doors moment. Natalie’s reading helped me to realise the patterns in my life, which stem from a Past Life, and how I can change that if I choose to. It was a very pleasant experience and would recommend working with her.

Melissa, MB

Natalie’s Past Life reading was able to give me some understanding of how and why things were happening in my life. As a result of working with Natalie I now have a different perspective and appreciation of people, I look at people differently. I now think a lot more about people in my life

LD, Upstate New York

Before working with Natalie I was lost, lacking clarity and searching for answers. Since her Past Life Reading I have been able to work through issues within my own self and family. Natalie’s reading was so accurate and she is just so good and helpful

Karen, Ireland

I had a Past Life Reading with Natalie to see if I was on the right track. Since the reading many things have changed for me, including my own confidence and insight to my life and Natalie confirmed so many things for me which also helped. I took so much away from the reading including being able to move forward with my life. She opened my eyes to the way things needed to be

Linda, Hawksbury

Natalie provided so much clarity and help around why I have never felt good enough and how my Past Lives have influenced this. First, having a clear knowing that this feeling isn't new to me, as it comes from a past life. Second, knowing where I lived that past life clarified why I've always felt a sense of belonging to ancient civilizations. And finally, I got a message confirming my mission and urging me to get off my feet and start working. Pinpoint information working wonders in my inner compass!! I sense my inner work and spiritual practice has inadvertedly (meaning subconsciously) focused on the "not good enough" feeling... and I feel veeery relieved!! I took so much away from this reading and offer a huge ton of gratitude for blessing me with your gift.

MARZ, Colombia

Before my Past Life reading with Natalie I was lost and struggling with my health as well as emotional issues, I was definitely searching for answers. Working with Natalie made me feel more comforted and made me understand more regarding my struggles with financial issues. It also made me understand why I felt insecure as a child and how it has followed me throughout the years. I’m still a work in progress however to know what I was told in the reading has helped me understand certain things and why I feel as I do. I am working on my self-esteem as well as my health. It has made me understand why I feel and think as well as how some of my behaviours in this lifetime have been affected. Thanks Natalie

Susan, USA

Like many people, before Natalie’s Past Life Reading I was searching for answers. As a result of her reading I was able to gain confidence, positive thoughts and validation for things that were happening in my life and things I was second guessing myself on. I’ve been able to take action and been very successful in the pursuit of my passion. Thanks Natalie for your help in moving me forward and gaining more clarity in my life to allow me to take action so I could make the changes I needed to make.

Maribel, McKinney

Natalie is lovely, before her Past Life Reading I was needing guidance on many things in my life and she was able to provide me with that. I feel I have more clarity, happy and relieved with the accurate information she was able to give me. Since having more understanding on why things have happened in my current life and how my past lives have affected that, I feel I have more understanding of my situation and feel comforted with those answers. Thanks Natalie.

Patricia, USA

Natalie helped me to answer my questions on my life, wondering what to do next and providing some clarity around that. I’m now feeling more certain and sure of situations and experiences in my life as well as knowing what to look for, which has bought me relief. I feel a lot less anxious than I was before the reading and a lot more optimistic about my future.  Natalie provided a very professional and accurate reading which helped to change my life.


Prior to working with Natalie I was feeling lost and empty. She gave me hope that things were going to change for the better, helped me to look at life differently and when things get tough im now able to assess my feelings and take action to move forward. I have more work I would love to do on my past life as it sounds really intriguing, I want to figure it all out. Natalie was spot on with so many details, I highly recommend working with her.

Sarah, Queensland


Natalie’s Qualifications:

Mother of 10, Wife and Entrepreneur

Past Life Regressionist

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) – Dolores Cannon


Psychic Intuitive

Master Aromatherapist – ACOA (Diploma)

Colour Therapy – ACOA

Certified Meditation Teacher

Health Coach – Integrative Nutrition

International Coach Certified

How you can work with me

Soulful Alchemy Sessions, Past Life Regression, Aromatherapy, Womens Circle or Speaking engagements.

Kind Words

Natalie’s reading helped me to stop my searching for answers to questions I had about my life and begin to accept myself and understand how my past lives are bleeding over into this life and what affect they are having. One of the biggest things I have taken away from the reading is self-love and feeling better about myself and learning to forgive and understand myself. I now have an understanding on how our past lives affect our current life and how it is affecting your present situation. Thanks again Natalie.

Leifson, Norway

After Natalie’s reading I had so many of my questions answered. I had stopped singing and hadn’t sang for quite some time. I’ve started singing again and also found I have a better voice and more confidence in my singing. I have got my hobby back and I don’t just sit around watching TV anymore. I feel like I have more purpose back in my life. I have found my voice and my love of singing once again thanks to Natalie.

Therese, Helsingborg

Natalie’s reading helped stop me from feeling very lost and confused with my life. Her reading has helped to show me where I have gone wrong in my life and which direction to take from now on. Thanks Natalie for taking the time on my reading.

Rachel, Tauranga

I had been seeking guidance & direction when I stumbled across the opportunity to work with Natalie. The information that Natalie provided gave me a renewed sense of hope, validation of my own feelings and clarity. I now have stronger faith in my spiritual team and so very grateful for Natalie’s help and insight to help me achieve this

Charlene, USA

Natalie was able to give me answers to why things are happening in this life time and how my past lives are affecting it.  Now that I have more of an understanding of how our past lives affects this life time this has cleared any fears I had towards love and as a result has left me more open to love. Thank you Natalie for your reading and helping me to understand my Past Lives that are bleeding over to my current life, I feel more at ease and confident in myself and my life.

Cheryl, Canada

Natalie’s readings help you to find clarity, and answers you are searching for in your life. My reading with her gave me more clarity, hope and peace of mind. I now understand how the universe works and have a deeper faith in that process. Thank you Natalie for the care and thought you put into the reading. I really appreciated it, I'll do another with you!

HS, North Palm Beach

I was very curious about Natalie’s Past Life Readings and wanting to find out why I feel the things I do.  Natalie made me feel validated, I feel like I can understand myself better, and I was given clarification on taking action in the direction I had been contemplating for myself. I am now investing more time with my crystals and using them for healing. I have felt like I am here to help bring light and healing to others. Natalie confirmed that in my past life I was a healer. This has given me the confidence and courage to this time round use crystals as an alternate healing method. Working with Natalie really validated my feelings and my purpose. It was an amazing and positive experience. I highly recommend it.

Misty, Missouri,USA

I have always wanted to know more about my past lives so when I had the chance to work with Natalie I jumped at it. Natalie’s reading made a lot of sense, it changed me. I felt different as I am an Earth Angel here too help fellow Souls and sprinkle Love Everywhere. I now believe in myself, love myself and all of me, including my darker side. Natalie confirmed for me that I am an Earth Angel here too help others. I am truly Grateful Thank-You Arohanui Paula xx

Paula, Onehunga

Every reading with Natalie was spot on and gave me a lot of clarity on my concerns and helped my identify answers on how to move forward. I always felt more positive and reassured after every reading. Before working with Natalie I felt confused and looking for answers. Now I feel more relaxed and reassured, more positive about my situation and I was able to make positive changes in my life because of answers I received. I’m now able to focus on myself and identify my life lessons out of these troubling situations. Also I’m learning from them to make positive changes. I’ve taken so much away from working with Natalie and understanding how our past lives bleed into our current life and how that affects us. Highly recommend Natalie and her work.

Nic, Manly West

Working with Natalie has helped me to understand why I hold onto grudges and how to let them go. This has provided me with a lot of answers and an understanding how my past lives are affecting this life. Im a much happier person now as a result of the reading and always in a good mood. I’ve learnt to let things go and don’t hold onto grudges anymore. Thanks Natalie!

Stephanie, USA

Since working with Natalie I have made many changes in my own life including eliminating people who are toxic, I’ve started my own business and found a friend. Prior to this I always felt like I was searching for answers. Ive been able to gain the confidence to rid my life of users and toxic people and have the confidence in myself now to seek confirmation from within on issues that are troubling me. Thank you Natalie

WS, Florida

Working with Natalie definitely changed my mind and perceptions on the spiritual realm and I learned that there are very gifted people out there. Natalie’s reading has left me being more open minded to spirit and not afraid. Before I was searching for answers but Natalie provided me with useful guidance and help. I'm very grateful for Natalie for taking the time and her spiritual gift to demonstrate her abilities on me, thank you

Margaret, M.B


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