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Chakra Set Booklet

This ebook is a comprehensive resource into understanding the Chakras purpose, meaning and the different energy they hold which brings alignment and balance into our lives.

By understanding our chakras, we’re able to better identify and comprehend our own personal structure in life and the reasons behind why we have certain behaviors, actions and are attracted to specific things. This ebook is a guide into your energy centres designed to help you make decisions and take action in your life, careers, relationships and to achieve your greatest purpose.



Finding Your Life Path

This ebook is a guide to learning your life path number and the strengths and weaknesses that pertain to your numbers. Knowing your numbers and living your life by your numbers, helps you to live a more balanced and harmonious life in line with your truth. Your soul chooses when it’s to be born into the physical realm therefore you are born with a number resonating with your life’s purpose or soul journey.

In Numerology, your life path number is the final calculation of the breaking down of your birthdate. Understanding this number allows you to have the power and access to insights as to what life experiences and events can be, your challenges and your life lessons. This ebook will show you how you can live your life in the most balanced way through the knowledge of your numbers.



Career’s by Life Path

This ebook is a guide into tapping into where your passion lies and what your purpose is and for you to start considering where your career path should be. It becomes stressful when you are rotating through jobs that don’t provide you with any satisfaction in life. Everyone deserves a career where they feel they are living their best life, where you can expand your talents and enjoy the passion within the chosen job for you.

One of the easiest ways to learn more about who you are, what you offer the world and your internal expansion is by taking a look at your Life Path Number. With this ebook, you will be able to find what career path best suits your life path which will help you find your passion and zest for life in a purposeful career. Find where your passion is by learning about you!



6 Key Principles for Life Path Alignment

In Numerology, your life path number is the final calculation of the breaking down of your birthdate. This ebook is a guide to the 6 key principles that you will discover that you can influence in your life by being in alignment with your Life Path numbers. From relationships to vulnerabilities in your health, knowing your numbers and living your life by your numbers, helps you to live a more balanced and harmonious life.


Kind Words

When I met Natalie, I was searching for clarity in my life. Through Natalie’s Past Life Reading I was able to become more aware of why things were happening and where this stemmed from. The reading resonated with me on many levels, and even as time has gone on I continue to refer back to her reading and so much makes perfect sense, and things have even changed for me.

CLB, Ohio

When I came across Natalie I was searching for much needed clarity in my life. Since my Past Life Reading I have been able to recognise and realise my own gifts and intuitions within myself, and learned to listen to them and put this into action. At the time of the reading I was deliberating over a very important decision in my life, almost like a sliding doors moment. Natalie’s reading helped me to realise the patterns in my life, which stem from a Past Life, and how I can change that if I choose to. It was a very pleasant experience and would recommend working with her.

Melissa, MB

Natalie’s Past Life reading was able to give me some understanding of how and why things were happening in my life. As a result of working with Natalie I now have a different perspective and appreciation of people, I look at people differently. I now think a lot more about people in my life

LD, Upstate New York

Before working with Natalie I was lost, lacking clarity and searching for answers. Since her Past Life Reading I have been able to work through issues within my own self and family. Natalie’s reading was so accurate and she is just so good and helpful

Karen, Ireland

I had a Past Life Reading with Natalie to see if I was on the right track. Since the reading many things have changed for me, including my own confidence and insight to my life and Natalie confirmed so many things for me which also helped. I took so much away from the reading including being able to move forward with my life. She opened my eyes to the way things needed to be

Linda, Hawksbury

Natalie provided so much clarity and help around why I have never felt good enough and how my Past Lives have influenced this. First, having a clear knowing that this feeling isn't new to me, as it comes from a past life. Second, knowing where I lived that past life clarified why I've always felt a sense of belonging to ancient civilizations. And finally, I got a message confirming my mission and urging me to get off my feet and start working. Pinpoint information working wonders in my inner compass!! I sense my inner work and spiritual practice has inadvertedly (meaning subconsciously) focused on the "not good enough" feeling... and I feel veeery relieved!! I took so much away from this reading and offer a huge ton of gratitude for blessing me with your gift.

MARZ, Colombia

Before my Past Life reading with Natalie I was lost and struggling with my health as well as emotional issues, I was definitely searching for answers. Working with Natalie made me feel more comforted and made me understand more regarding my struggles with financial issues. It also made me understand why I felt insecure as a child and how it has followed me throughout the years. I’m still a work in progress however to know what I was told in the reading has helped me understand certain things and why I feel as I do. I am working on my self-esteem as well as my health. It has made me understand why I feel and think as well as how some of my behaviours in this lifetime have been affected. Thanks Natalie

Susan, USA

Like many people, before Natalie’s Past Life Reading I was searching for answers. As a result of her reading I was able to gain confidence, positive thoughts and validation for things that were happening in my life and things I was second guessing myself on. I’ve been able to take action and been very successful in the pursuit of my passion. Thanks Natalie for your help in moving me forward and gaining more clarity in my life to allow me to take action so I could make the changes I needed to make.

Maribel, McKinney

Natalie is lovely, before her Past Life Reading I was needing guidance on many things in my life and she was able to provide me with that. I feel I have more clarity, happy and relieved with the accurate information she was able to give me. Since having more understanding on why things have happened in my current life and how my past lives have affected that, I feel I have more understanding of my situation and feel comforted with those answers. Thanks Natalie.

Patricia, USA

Natalie helped me to answer my questions on my life, wondering what to do next and providing some clarity around that. I’m now feeling more certain and sure of situations and experiences in my life as well as knowing what to look for, which has bought me relief. I feel a lot less anxious than I was before the reading and a lot more optimistic about my future.  Natalie provided a very professional and accurate reading which helped to change my life.


Prior to working with Natalie I was feeling lost and empty. She gave me hope that things were going to change for the better, helped me to look at life differently and when things get tough im now able to assess my feelings and take action to move forward. I have more work I would love to do on my past life as it sounds really intriguing, I want to figure it all out. Natalie was spot on with so many details, I highly recommend working with her.

Sarah, Queensland


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