These are Self-Awareness cards… pick one card or a spread, it is up to you. When pulling the cards, concentrate on the fact that these cards have been called by you, for whatever needs to be seen and understood in this moment. Avoid the temptation of putting the card back if you don’t like what it says. This is the card that is needed, and the avoidance needs to be addressed.

This deck looks at both the light and shadow aspects of your emotions and triggers. They uncover what needs to be explored within yourself. It is important for you to use this card deck as a personal exploration of your life (or your client’s life), your triggers and how you want to grow within your blended life. You will not find a guidebook in this deck, because the answers lie inside of you. You do not need to look outside of yourself for the answers anymore. This may feel confronting, but that’s ok.

You need to go with whatever the cards tell you.

Blended Life Self-Awareness Cards

Blended Life Self-Awareness Cards

These cards will facilitate the inward journey, so use them as a tool for self-discovery. The deck will encourage you to ask your- self:

  • What does this card evoke for me?
  • What triggers, scenarios or issues jump to the forefront of my mind when I look at this card?
  • What is this card trying to convey to me?
  • Where else does this theme show up in my life?
  • Are any patterns emerging?

The illustrations are emotive, bold, intense, yet daringly beautiful. This deck is a wise companion for those of you who are wanting to discover and uncover the emotions behind your blended life.

Work with your emotions, traumas, and triggers to gain clarity on your life, and bring about change where it’s needed most. For more information on Nat, click here.

Blended Life Self-Awareness Cards